Final Project

So the countdown has begun.  Preparation is underway for my degree show.  After a lot of brainstorming I have decided to draw some illustrations around the subject “new shoes”; always a good subject! note to self – don’t get carried away with market research – it could be expensive!

house xs

Shop, ready to print out and then colour in.

girls xxs

One I finished earlier

My initial drawings have been scanned into Photoshop and collaged with a secondary image to create a background pattern, before being coloured over by hand to create a sense of depth.  I am using Promarkers for these illustrations, and am printing onto marker pad paper, so that I am able to blend the colours well.  For some reason the colours on the second image above have dome out far too bright – I am not sure why; they look fine in the original Photoshop file; but I am definitely not using neon pink.

At the moment the drawings that I have done are fairly eclectic; As I am drawing; I am thinking about what I could draw next – there is no overall plan at this stage I am just investigating whatever comes to mind.


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